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lunch buffet

Fried chicken legs

Khao phad moo / rice with vegetables and porc/shrimp on private cruise

Phad pak /fried vegetables with oyster sauce

Delicious potato salad, tomato salad, cucumbers, spring onions

Fresh fruit 

the siam pearl & the cruises

 With the Siam Pearl 1 we organise sea cruises, private cruises, incentives, night fishing, dinner cruises, onboard marriages and other ceremonials & events.

The Siam Pearl 1  (SP1) ;  79 foot ( 24m ) long and 25 foot ( 7.5m ) wide mothership. On the main deck we have a front ( half covered half open) sitting & dining area, the bar and kitchen, the lounge, a swimming platform, 2 showers & 2 toilets. On the upper deck we have a sun-deck with 18 long-chairs, the pilot house, the back-deck with a 8 seats cabin and another 5 long-chairs, the back-deck can be turned into a private (VIP) section on the daily cruise.

The SP1 is licensed for and can cruise in total safety with 75 passengers and 5 crew,  on the daily cruise we limit the number of passengers to 50 with 5 crew. On board we have fishing gear, snorkeling gear, gps, fish finder-sounder, a fully stuffed bar, and for private cruises a tv, karaoke & sound system and/or a band on request.

Cruises with SP1 : daily Sam Roi Yod Natural Marine Park  cruise, lion & bird island cruise ( private ), temple cave cruise (private), private SP1 cruises are with a minimum of 15 passengers in high season ( N,D,J,F,M,J,A ) and 10 passengers in low season ( A,M,J,S,O ).


The Sam roi yod marine park cruise

Depending on your location our van pick you up between 08:00 and 08:30, and brings you to the Siam Pearl marina on the Pranburi river where we board The Siam Pearl 1. 

09h00 : departure for the cruise, we go down the Pranburi river and see the local fisherman, the shipswarf  and boats at work, After 20 min. we get in open sea and follow the Pak nam pran coastline to skull hill, at this point we enter Dolphin bay and have a 50% chance to spot the Irrawaddy pink dolphin.

11h00 : After crossing Dolphin bay we arrive at Monkey Island where the local monkey population wait impatiently our arrival. To nourish and refresh them we bring bananas and water to the island with our longtail boat. Don't be afraid to give them some bananas, they are very friendly, you can touch them but most of them are babys and mother is watching, careful :-) After a stroll on the island's beach we head back to the Siam Pearl, you can have a swim in the tropical waters of the marine park and a fresh water shower after.

12h00 : A delicious lunch-buffet with thai and western dishes plus fresh fruit is served, we still can spot some dolphins and enjoy the majestic views of the Sam roi yod natural park with it's 300 hills ( sam roi yod  means 300 peaks ) after lunch we do some fishing and wait for everybody to be ready.

13h00 : Cruising true the islands we look for more dolphins and go further out in sea and deeper water where the Captain brings us to the best spot for bigger fish, and for those who prefer we have the sundeck and a nice sea breeze to get a tan, For refreshment we have a fully stocked bar.

14h30 : We lift anchor and head back to the marina, where we arrive after approximatly 1 1/2 h gentle cruising.

16h00 : Arrival at the marina and departure to your respective residences.